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 Rules and Regulations

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Ragnarok Ketsugetsu

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PostSubject: Rules and Regulations   Wed Dec 07, 2011 11:48 pm

Rule One: You can't start to role play until your character is accepted. We will reply to your character profile as soon as possible to tell you if you are accepted or if you need some more work. Also somewhere VISIBLE on your character sheet must it say I Have Read The Rules!. If this is not seen your character will not be approved.

Rule Two: No flamewars - Discussion is encouraged, but dont start a war, take it to PM if you need to. Flame posts may be deleted by a MOD without notice and a warning may be issued.

Rule Three: No sharing, giving, or stealing accounts. If this is found out then it will result in and permanent removal of the account and both or all those involved will have their accounts removed as well. Only one account allowed per person.

Rule Four: NO impersonating staff or asking for positions on staff.

Rule Five: Respect all the members of the site and no excessive fighting amongst each other. If I see any of this you might be kicked, banned or blacklisted from the site. Although this is not avoidable... really isn't...keep it to a minimum. If it gets out of hand, contact a staff member or try to resolve the issue.

Rule Six: There is no Godmoding or perfect characters[Mary Sue/Gary Stu], as well as Metagaming! No one is perfect so everyone has flaws although they might not always be visible.

Rule Seven: Spamming is discouraged and repeated actions will result in bans.

Rule Eight: Sex Is allowed, but if you are going to use it make sure you put it in the mature board since not everyone wishes to read such things.

Rule Nine: Be active, if not you'll lose your rank, unless you post in the Leave of Absence Board or tell a Mod/Admin. You must have a really good reason like your computer broke down or something.

Follow these rules!!!!!
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Rules and Regulations
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